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Visit-belarus logoWe are a website with interesting and useful information about Belarus for tourists and locals. We help organizing trips from telling about best things to do, visa procedures, hotels and tours booking, medical insurance and much more.

If you are a travel agency organizing trips to Belarus, insurance company, hotel, restaurant or any other related business, we are open to cooperation.

You can find the cooperation options below.

Why work with us

We are one of the top websites about traveling in Belarus with over 28,000 monthly visitors and about 22,000 active social media subscribers (Instagram, Facebook, VK, Twitter and others).

Below you can see some data on statistics and demographics of our webstie visitors from Google Analytics:

data on visitors countries on website Most visitors were visiting the website from Belarus. Still, most of them are tourists that were in Belarus at the moment, not Blearusians. Analytics and demographics of website visitors on website

Kinds of Cooperation

  1. Brand ambassadorship. Long term cooperation on promoting and recommending your brand within our posts that will be shared in our social media.
  2. Sponsored posts. Write or order our copywriters to write an interesting post covering your product, service or business.
  3. Organizing competitions and contests. We can organize contests and competitions on our blog and social media to improve sharing of your brand name online and offline.
  4. Affiliate links. If you would like to get more sales, you can give us your affiliate link and pay commission on sales that we will generate on our own.
  5. Press trips. If you want to attract more visitors to your city, location, you can invite one of our copywriters to your destination and let us write an SEO optimized article (or several) about it to let more people visit it.
  6. Advertising (banner ads). You can also advertise on our website. Let us know, what places on the blog you are interested in, and we will give you the custom price.
  7. Top Digital Marketing for your site. We cooperate with a top level digital marketing agency that will be glad to skyrocket your project (you can get 15% discount if you say a code ‘Visit Belarus’). What they can do is: your site SEO audit, content marketing plan, marketing plan, SEO strategy plan and implementation, SEM (Google Adwords) campaigns, SMM campaigns and much more…

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with your proposed ways of cooperation

We also cooperate with another website. is an adventure travel blog specialized on short trips to European cities with over 20000 monthly visitors planning their trips and searching for advices. You can contact it at [email protected] with your proposal.

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