Why visit Belarus?


Visit Belarus because it is a beautiful country situated in the geographical center of Europe. Despite its position, it often unjustly has a lack of the tourists' attention. Nevertheless, there are lots of attractions in Belarus that can surprise and inspire curious travelers. Visit Belarus because of its unique nature, beautiful lakes and rivers, national parks, old cities and medieval castles.

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Visit Belarus articles

National cuisine
Belarusian cuisine may not so universally known as French or German, but you can find a number of interesting and delicious
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Parks Of Minsk
Due to the fact that Minsk was multiple times totally destroyed because of many wars that crossed the territory of
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Castles in Belarus
Despite the seeming remoteness from the major wars in European history, Belarus was at the center of events for multiple times throughout
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Lakes and Rivers
 Nature has generously awarded Belarus with a large number of rivers and lakes, giving, thus, the residents and guests of
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Stones museum in Minsk on sunset
Top 10 Museums in Minsk
The capital of Belarus, Minsk, may be considered the city of museums. It has dozens of them, and to visit at
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National Parks in Belarus
Today there are four national parks in Belarus: Bialowieza Forest, Naroch National Park, Braslav Lakes, Pripyat National Park, and two reserves:
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Beautiful nature of Belarus. Forest bike path
Nature Of Belarus
Despite the abundance of attractions, nature of Belarus is still the main hallmark of the country. Its territory is inhabited by
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Strochitsy rural architecture and traditions museum
Farm holidays in Belarus
Farm holidays is one of the most popular ways to spend holidays in Belarus. Thanks to rural tourism, a traveler
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Belarusian river Drama theatre in Mogilev Belarusian autumn Mir views 226 Farm holidays in Belarus views 246 Vitebsk views 179
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Brest Fortress and City
Brest is an obligatory stop for any tourist planning a trip to Belarus. It stands out for its "Europeanness", cleanliness
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Slonim and Novogrudok
Attractions of Grodno regionTourists who have already crossed Grodno far and wide, we advise you not to hurry to leave the area,
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Rumiantsev-Paskevich palace in Gomel
Gomel is one of the oldest towns in Belarus and the second largest city in the country. The first mention
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